Movie: Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Rating: 3.5/5

I enjoyed Moonrise Kingdom mostly for its technical elements: the imagery, scenery, costumes and score were all probably the best I’ve seen in a film in the recent past. Watching the movie felt like watching an art piece unfold.

However, while the movie is beautifully made, I felt like the storyline let it down quite a bit. I’ve read a number of reviews talk about how the story reminds them of their childhood experiences of falling in love, feeling misunderstood, the need to escape among others. Maybe it’s a symptom of how different that experience is from anything I’ve ever experienced, but while I was engaged in the story, I had a bit of a hard time accepting both the more out-there elements and the more mundane ones.

The characters were mostly loveable but not explained enough. The story was fun but ended up dragging at certain points. I feel like the story came secondary to the imagery and, while the imagery was enjoyable, I would have preferred a tiny bit more on the story development.

Moonrise Kingdom is definitely a work of art and is an enjoyable movie to watch. However, while I could suspend my disbelief at most of the movie’s implausibility, some of it was distracting enough to bring down the otherwise good quality of the movie. I recommend it for anyone feeling nostalgic or romantic at that particular time or anyone that wants to become immersed in filmmaking rather than the plot of a story.

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