Movie: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012)

Rating: 1.5/5

For issues of fairness, I have to state early on that I’m not a Twilight fan, and the entire film franchise has been created such that it is supposed to appeal to the fans, and to the fans alone. I truly feel that even if I did not like this movie, their intent was not to make me like the movie. Breaking Dawn fails as a movie not only because it is bad, but because it commits the sin of not even being bad enough to be funny.

The storyline, which is more attributable to the book, is shockingly thin. There’s never a conflict that is not resolved in a very convenient, nonsensical way, so much so that while they kept adding more “shockers”, they never left any sort of impact on the viewer who knew that it would most likely get resolved in the cheapest way possible. Without spoiling it, the surprise ending was the worst violator. How they dealt with the genetics of Renesmee was almost as bad.

The entire Twilight concept of love being forever was taken to an even more nauseating extreme in this movie. While this is probably the message that they wanted to convey, it was difficult to sit through. Is love, or a romantic relationship, only perfect if it is forever, if somehow the two people involved are immortal and, as such, are immune to the complexities and hurdles of growing old with somebody? On another note, is it really fun to note that Bella’s strength does not come from someplace within her but from her becoming a vampire? Now, as a viewer, it is possible to like a movie without liking its message, as long as it goes with great storytelling. This movie, however, is so poorly told and so poorly paced that this maxim does not apply.

The directing was generally ok, although the horrific CGI really should never be seen in a big-budget film like this. Most people comment on the CGI done on the baby, but I found the slow-motion CGI of vamp-Bella running through the woods to be even more laughable. One of the most positive things about the movie was the score/soundtrack part. The worst, unfortunately, is the acting, particularly of the main characters. Taylor Lautner was supposed to act protective and sweet but ended up looking creepy and slightly pouty and petulant. Robert Pattinson kept the same facial expression the entire time – his doe-eyed, weepy impression of someone in love. If that was distracting, Kristen Stewart’s singular facial expression of absolute nothingness was irritating, as was her well-matched voice inflections.

Breaking Dawn Part II is a mess, from conceptualization to delivery. A sorry story can be salvaged sometimes by good production value and acting, but sadly Breaking Dawn falls short on all marks. Twilight fans should love it. But if you aren’t one, stay far away.

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